Monday, 20 July 2015

Baahubali: The Astrological Symbolism!

The movie Baahubali is breaking all records making its way to be the highest grosser of the year. 
Interestingly, this movie has a lot of instances where we see a direct connect of the story with higher means of life. Yes I am talking about Astrology. Let us see how the movie relates with the phenomenon throughout its play.

When the movie begins, we see Sivagami crossing the river drowning herself but keeping the baby to the surface. Here we see a very strong emotional connect between a mother figure and a son. In Astrology, moon denotes ‘mother’/’’grandmother’. Also it symbolizes all water bodies. This scene indicates that how the amplified power of Moon (Mother +Water) could save the child from getting drowned. Also the soldiers running after her could do no damage signifying the fact that Mars(representative of warrior/soldier) debilitates or loses strength in Moon’s zodiac sign Cancer, a primary rule of Vedic Astrology.

Sometime later, we see that Avanthika is scolded for the design on her hand and told that a girl into self-beautification cannot be a good warrior. Venus signifies Beauty,Love and Creativity while Mars shows a passionate warrior. In astrology Mars and Venus are enemies. This is echoed in the movie when the leader of the group reconsiders her decision of sending Avanthika to MahishMati after noticing the beautiful design on her hand. Also, it is shown profoundly in the movie how Avanthika’s look changes when she is shown fighting as a warrior (tied hair, dark intense look), to the stunning glamorous look when she falls in love, singing songs with her partner, hereby signifying the impact of Venus.

We also see that Baahubali (personification of the planet Mars), carries a Shivalinga with him on his way to the top. Lord Shiva is represented by the planet Saturn and the planet Mars is said to be exalted( most powerful) in Saturn’s sign Capricorn. This is illustrated in the movie as it is shown how Baahubali carries the shivalinga, which further increases his strength and he successfully reaches the peak of the hill in all his glory.

In the end we see that Baahubali wins over Bhallala Deva during the war as Sivagami feels that he is wiser than the latter. Here we see that a very interesting astrological principle of permanent friendship between planets comes into picture. In Astrology, Jupiter representing wisdom, knowledge and righteousness is considered to be Mars’s best friend. Baahubali takes care of the innocent people and finds out an effective solution to save their lives while fighting with the enemy. This noble and just nature of Baahubali combined with his passion to save his own people, puts him on the winning side, astrologically revealing the impact of the wisdom given by Jupiter to his friend Mars that makes him the winner.

These are just a few of the numerous instances from the movie that have been presented. The entire movie is symbolic of how astrology completely connects with human affairs in all amazing ways.