Monday, 9 January 2017

Saturn's transit in Sagittarius: Order or Chaos?

Saturn, the master of discipline and righteousness moves to the majestic Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017 where it will rest for around two and half years. Things will change for sure, but for the better or worse?

I have been consistently getting requests to make some predictions for this crucial event. Considering the nervousness and anxiety regarding this shift, I have mentioned below some of the results of Saturn’s move on all the rising signs.

Here you go!!

Aries: Gains from elders and teachers. But remember that Saturn likes to do things slowly and thus you will be getting the results but gradually at their own pace. Be patient.

Taurus: Not a very favorable period for you since Saturn occupies your eighth house. You will have to work hard to achieve success. Avoid shortcuts. Good time to work on spiritual growth.

Gemini: You need to invest more time and effort in your personal and love relationships. Time to effectuate the business idea you have been thinking about since long.

Cancer:  In legal matters, there will be progress and decisions are likely to be in favor. Take care of your health. If you are looking for a change in job, there would be fresh opportunities coming up.

Leo: Good time to go for love marriage. Start making efforts in this regard as things are quite favorable for the same. 

Virgo: Mixed results for you. You may get bored at home easily and will want to travel more. Do not invest in property as matters related to the same may take a lot of time to fructify.

Libra: Saturn being in 12th house from its own house may initiate relocation or a lot of travel. Your dedication towards your life goals will also increase. Get going.

Scorpio: Family life might be a little disturbed. Just make sure you work on that. Financial gains will be there as you will get some exciting opportunities in your area of work

Sagittarius:  Since Saturn occupies the first house, it’s not a very favorable time for you. Just be fair and honest in all your financial dealings and take care of your health.

Capricorn:  The last couple of years may have been rewarding in terms of monetary gains but now that Saturn occupies the 12th house of your chart, you need to keep a check on expenses. Foreign travel is also indicated.

Aquarius: Very auspicious time for you. Gains and happiness from all ends.  Good time for some charity work you always wanted to do.

Pisces: Saturn’s entry into your tenth house will give you mixed results.  You should avoid stock market or speculation.
Please note that these are just some general results. The precise outcome will vary depending upon your personal horoscope, Saturn’s movement through the different constellations, your planetary periods and many other factors.